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16/17 K2 Standard Wide Snowboard

16/17 K2 Standard Wide Snowboard

Looking to take your shred skills to new frontiers? The K2 Standard Snowboard was built for the advancing rider who wants to explore the mountain with consistency and style. The Catch Free Baseline™ lifts your contact points out of the snow making turns effortless and eliminating edge bite, keeping your focus on progression, and most importantly, having a great time on the snow.   Catch Free Baseline™ – By bringing the contact points out of the snow, turns happen before the edge bites and - voila! - no catch. This small amount of Rocker results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain.   Shape

All Mountain Dual Progressive – Designed for any level of rider, our Dual Progressive sidecut is a mistake friendly, fun and forgiving sidecut, which allows for more consistent riding in all situations.


W1 – K2's W1 core is characterized by a single species of pure wood with proven flex, durability, and snap. This is K2's standard core for entry to mid level boards.


Biaxial Glass – The classic structural laminate, biax glass provides smooth, all-purpose performance.


Hybritech™ – Hybritech™ is the most efficient way to make a snowboard without sacrificing one ounce of performance. This construction features sidewall along the running surface that flows into the nose and tail to provide low swing-weight, optimized turn initiation and durability.


2000 Extruded – This base technology is fast, durable, easy to tune and repair.

Die-Cut Base – Base color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.

Additional Features

3˚ Base Bevel – Park-oriented base edge bevel is super forgiving to let you spend more time concentrating on progression and less time with your chin embedded in the snow.

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