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17/18 Blizzard Quattro RS Ski w/ Xcell 14 Binding

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Regulärer Preis: 1.099,99 $

Special Price 879,97 $


The all-new Quattro RS is designed for hard snow conditions and those looking for quicker transitions between turns.

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Regulärer Preis: 1.099,99 $

Special Price 879,97 $


Premium materials and Blizzard’s heralded Austrian Racing Heritage come  together to deliver a skiing experience unlike any other in the all-new  Blizzard Quattro RS.  Specifically designed for hard snow conditions and  those looking for the quicker transitions between turns, the narrower  waist width of the RS delivers the precision and agility of WC race skis  in a more versatile package.   The down-force created on the tips and  tails by the Full Suspension IQ system keeps the ski glued to the snow  at any speed even in the most demanding snow conditions.   Each run will  be a thrill ride you’ll never want to get off.


  • Piste All Mountain 
  • Traditional Rocker 
  • Compound Sidewall Ti + Carbon Construction 
  • Full Suspension IQ System   
  • Dimensions: 116-69-100 
  • Turn Radius: 16m @ 174cm  

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Artikelposition 1240
Manufacturer Blizzard


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