The stone will first flatten the base of the ski so that it will run predictably on the snow, completely eliminating any “nervous” wandering (from a concave base) or “sluggish” lack of responsiveness (from a convex base). The Mercury will then engage the ceramic discs for several passes on the side edges and base edges. In addition to sharpening, this process will produce precise edge angles, which can be replicated from factory specs or custom set to customer preference. The ceramic discs also smooth and polish the edge surfaces so that the skis or snowboard glides much better through turns while maintaining ‘grip’ even in the worst of snow conditions, making it easier to control with less effort.



As you will see, the ski will shift positions in the machine near the end of the process. This is because the grinding stone in the Mercury can have two different structures placed on either end of it. In the case of this video the front of the stone (the left side in this video) has a structure suited for ‘flattening’, as mentioned above. The ski is then shifted to the back (right side in video) where there is a final “on-snow” structure applied to the base. This structure is specific to the performance of the equipment while in use. It improves glide characteristics in varied snow conditions which “evens out” how the equipment performs in these different conditions making skiing/riding easier. The base structure also improves “tracking” through turns making turning easier. The micro grooves that the structure provides also increase the surface area of the base which in turn allows for better wax absorption for most bases.


All in all the Wintersteiger Mercury will get your equipment in the best possible shape for your personal style of skiing and riding and in many cases will even improve on the tune that came from the factory. Whether you’ve been skiing for decades or are bringing in your first board to get some “refreshing” done, the Wintersteiger Mercury at Freestyle is the ticket. Also. and possibly more importantly, Freestyle can now offer precise tune set-ups with great consistency from tune to tune.