The skate action was hot, the music was jamming, the food and drink were smackin and the vibe was off the hook. The Devil’s Backbone provided award winning beer and awesome BBQ. Cardinal Point Winery and Blue Toad Hard Cider were on hand and as always the RVCC standby and local favorite Trager Brothers Coffee was doors wide open.

The Music line up started off smooth with the tensile tempo of John Howard warming up the crowd. Then the amplitude started spooling as Orme Storm took the stage while the ‘Best Trick’ skate contest on the mini ramp got in motion to wind up the spectators. The levels continued to rise as Evil Eye started pounding out their set while the second skate contest got underway. Finally, with the slightly anxious tease of a minor extended break, the climax of the evening went off as Shagwuf blew up the last set of the night.

However the skate action was what it was all about and action there was. The evening started off with the easy going and all inclusive ‘Min Pin Skate Jam’. Everyone had a great time in this two hour long free skate session in memory of Daniel ‘Minpin’ Rasnake who was a regular user of the RVCC skateboard facility. The young and the old, from 13 to 54, skated together along with the competitors who were warming up for the contests.

 Then the ‘Best Trick’ contest was up. It was going off so hot that the original set time was extended – twice – to allow all the skaters to pull out the stops and make their final attempts at this year’s title. A multitude of tricks went down and the new ramp configuration (that was finished just in time for the event) played a part in two of the top three places.

After that it was time for the ‘Game of S K A T E’ contest. The participants were divided up into three groups and each group played through ‘S K A T E’ to determine the three players who qualified to play the Final for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It was a tough event as most of the players had just participated in the ‘Best Trick’ contest and so were already a little tired. After a tough three way battle to qualify the field narrowed to the final three. The final round went on for a while and an underdog pulled through for the win; an American favored scenario on a patriotic weekend.