Men's Shorts

Who wants to spend the summer months cooped up in an air-conditioned house? Our men’s lifestyle shorts are the perfect active apparel for getting off the couch and experiencing the great outdoors. Casual men’s travel shorts have a performance design for when you spend all day hiking the mountains, sightseeing on vacation or playing lawn games in the park. Planning on heading to the water? Submersible hybrid shorts won’t be deterred by a stray wave, fighting fish or sudden downpour. We have boardshorts, chino shorts, utility shorts and other styles for guys of all ages.

These premium men’s active shorts are beyond anything you’ll find at a department store. They’re made from fabrics that are as comfortable as cotton but are also tougher, more breathable and dry quickly. You’ll be able to walk, run, jump and climb with ease without worrying about rips and tears. Plenty of pockets give you space for personal effects, tools and snacks. Freestyle shorts have been helping guys getting the most out of warm weather since 1983, so shop now for your favorite styles and brands!

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