Freestyle Appointments - Book Today!

Freestyle Appointments - Book Today!


NEW! Reservation System!

Check out our new reservation system and book an appointment for your next visit to Freestyle!

The world is a changing place and we are adapting to it as best we can as a retail location. We know that being in public can be a bit daunting, so we are doing our best to not only maintain a safe, clean facility but give our customers options for how they choose to shop. Without our faithful customers we would not be here, so your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we are now offering appointments for some of our most sought after services including boot fits, boot modifications, stance alignments and even a personal shopper experience.

Booking an appointment with our highly trained and knowledgeable staff allows customers the opportunity to tailor their shopping experience to specific needs and/or wants. Reservations let the customer choose when they come to the store and give the added advantage of avoiding wait times during busy store hours. Our appointments are available for a wide range of needs and can be customized for individual requests. Booking appointments is simple using the new reservation system now available on our website.


STEP 1: Visit our reservation page and choose the appointment type that best fits your needs.

STEP 2: Pay the reservation fee* using our booking system. *(this fee will be credited towards your purchase and/or labor fees for boot modifications).

STEP 3: Arrive at the store 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time and check-in with our front counter staff.

Not sure what type of appointment you need? We offer four different appointments and will do our best to accommodate any requests you may have regarding your needs. Below are details regarding the types of appointments offered at this time.

Season Lease Fitting - $50

Our 1-hour appointment for obtaining rental equipment is available for groups of up to 5 people. During this appointment our staff will measure you for your rental equipment - skis, boots and poles or snowboard, boots and bindings. You will need to bring clean socks for trying on boots and the following information will be needed for proper ski calibration: height, weight and skier ability (a chart explaining this will be provided). Season Lease fittings are available on a first come, first serve basis as well but with our appointment option you can skip the line and be on your way in no time at all.

Boot Fit or Boot Modification - $50

This hour and 30 minute appointment is for a new boot fit and/or a boot modification of a currently owned boot. This is a one-on-one appointment where our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will choose the best boot options based on a number of measurements as well as specifications obtained using our 3D foot scanner. Should you need modifications made to a new or existing boot our staff will assess the problem area(s) and make adjustments to give you the best fit possible. This could include heat molding, boot punch work or creation of a custom footbed.

Stance Alignment - $125

Our two and a half hour appointment for advanced boot modification is perfect for the skier who hopes to improve their personal performance through the optimal stance upon their skis while having the best comfort fit possible. This boot alteration process helps align the legs, ankles and feet to sit flat against the skis, using the proper angles to best transfer energy from body to ski. Our highly trained staff will assess the needs of the customer and talk them through the modification process to ensure they have the best fit and receive the necessary adjustments.

Personal Shopper Experience - $1,500

This 2-hour experience pairs the customer with a highly knowledgeable staff member to help get the proper winter apparel and gear for their needs and wants. Allow our staff to set you up with the top gear of the season with all the tech features you could ever want. We can help you start from scratch on outfit choices or assist with finding a specific outfit based on the winter conditions and tech you are looking for in your gear. From beanies and accessories to winter jackets, pants and more! Let us know what you are interested in and we will pull items that best fit your requests. Need to outfit the entire family for the season? We can help with sizing, color options and create the perfect winter setup for all members of your family.

Our appointments are a great option for out-of-state travelers, anyone with a busy schedule, interest in a one-on-one experience or any one with concerns about being in public for extended periods of time due to COVID-19. These appointments are 100% optional and we are still offering first come, first serve shopping for customers that wish to visit our store as they normally would. If you have any questions regarding appointments please contact us at or by calling 434-978-4091.

We hope to see you soon!


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