Toko US - Ski/Snowboard Prep

Toko US - Ski/Snowboard Prep


How to Hot Wax Alpine Skis or Snowboards

Despite the emergency of very effective liquid paraffin waxes, hot waxing continues to be important. The video below demonstrates the best way to hot wax. The goal is to get wax into the base without overheating or damaging the base. Then to remove the wax while leaving as much as possible in the base. Check it out!


FIS Recommendation on Cleaning of Used Equipment from Fluorinated Substances

The document below is the FIS recommendation on how to keep everything fluorine free. Of course we realize that the FIS fluorine ban has been postponed for a year, but there are many who will be entering a fluorine free racing year that will want to consider taking these steps. Click on the document below to see the full size version.


A New Waxing Paradigm

How to take advantage of awesome new technology that makes waxing quick and easy and skis and snowboards faster using Base Performance Liquid Paraffin.
Click the video link below for a demonstration and more information.

New Skis Preparation 

New skis? Here is how to evaluate and prepare new skis for best performance this winter. (Click video link below).
For more information and great tips on prepping and maintaining your ski and snowboard equipment visit

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