Gear Boxes

When you’re serious about outdoor sports - or you have a bunch of friends who also are - you sometimes can’t fit all your gear in the car. A vehicle cargo box from Freestyle will save you from having to pick and choose what you can bring to the mountain, beach or campground. We sell roof-mount gear boxes from Yakima that will hold snowboards, skis, luggage, safety equipment and everything else you need. They’re perfect for a one-person trip to the slopes or a weekend road trip with the family. And you won’t have sweaty gear stinking up the car on the way home either.

Pack big for bigger fun with a heavy-duty SkyBox gear container that attaches directly to your roof crossbar. They’re made of tough lightweight carbonite that protects the contents from rain, wind, sun and unexpected projectiles. The front is aerodynamic so they won’t kill your gas mileage while the back curves upward so you can still open the trunk. Add them to a sedan, station wagon, van or crossover vehicle so you’re never short on space. Order online with free shipping or stop by our Charlottesville, Virginia store.

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