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Skateboarding Gear for Beginners and Masters

Master all the most epic flips, slides, grabs and grinds with the help of top-notch skate gear from Freestyle. As your go-to board specialist, we’ve got complete skateboards and parts by all the most legendary skate brands, including Darkstar, Real, Antihero, Black Label, Welcome and more, so you can build one that fits your skate style and personality to perfection, no matter if you skate street or vert. Our online skate shop is packed with basics for everyday riders and experts — high-quality wheels and trucks, for example — plus complete skateboards for beginners.


Buy Complete Skateboards or Build Your Own

Grab a complete setup or build yours from the ground up at Freestyle. Our pre-assembled skateboards are best for beginner and low-key dabblers, while our build-your-own skateboard parts are ideal for more seasoned skaters and those who just want to upgrade a few components. Selecting complete boards can save you time and money if you’re not overly concerned about customization, and our huge selection of pre-assembled boards definitely has something that will feel made for you. Looking to custom-make your board for a more tailored feel?

Freestyle’s on it with the very best skateboard trucks, wheels and components, not to mention the coolest skate decks around. Building your own skateboard is ideal for those who already have a good, working board but that may just need a bit of a tune-up and those who love to tweak and customize their setups for better performance and comfort. Freestyle offers free shipping on skateboard parts, decks and full boards, so make sure to stock up on everything you need for your next cruise.